Phil Orapallo has been singing for most of his life. He is originally from NYC, born in Manhattan, and lived in the Bronx and Queens.  As a teenager, he sang with an acappella group called “The Modernaires”.  After he married he resided on Long Island. There he raised his family and put singing on hold for a number of years. 

In 1993, Phil and his family moved to Venice, Florida. In 1994 an acappella group called N.Y.C.D. (New York City Doowop) was formed.  N.Y.C.D. sang for 10 years at many community fundraising functions, benefits and dance parties in the Sarasota area.  Phil found himself back doing what he loved, streetcorner harmony acappella music.  N.Y.C.D. was dissolved in 2006 and Phil was once again looking for an avenue in which to sing.

In 2004, Phil met Jeff Sykes at an oldies dance.  At this dance the perfomers asked Jeff and Phil to sing a couple of cameo leads.  Jeff and Phil exchanged phone numbers.  
     In 2007, Phil and Jeff  were reacquainted and “Perfect Chord” was formed. Perfect Chord produced and performed “Oldies/Doo Wop Dances” at the Venice Community Center in Venice, Fl. for 8 years. In 2016 Phil moved to Lakewood Ranch, Florida to be closer to family.

Currently Phil is performing in a duo act with Ed Balen as  Perfect Chord.

Ed Balen got his vocal introduction to singing harmony in the halls of the Staten Island, NY Ferry Terminal. Everyday after classes Ed and a handful of friends would head to the echo- filled building and serenade the commuters as they passed on the way to a bus or cab, or to find their cars. They sand acappella and Ed loved the sound of the harmonies they created. Little did Ed know ,but one of the young females in the crowd would become the future Mrs. Ed Balen. Ed and Maureen O’Hara married several years later in 1967 while Ed was in the US Air Force.

It wasn’t until 1981 when Ed was asked if he become a member of a Brooklyn doo-wop group, The Emotions. The Emotions had experienced some popularity in the greater NYC area with a song called, “Echo” in 1962. Of course, Ed accepted, The Emotions re-formed in ’81 to record an album for Columbia’s Ambient Sound record label. After appearing at a 2 night promo gig for the album at NYC’s Bottom Line night club, the group decided to try their luck on the “oldies” circuit. They would go on to have so much fun that Ed and The Emotions would perform together for 20+ years. They were fortunate enough to record 2 more albums and appeared at such venues as, The Westbury Music Fair, The Beacon Theater, the Garden States Arts Center, The World Trade Center, South Sea Seaport, Six Flags New Jersey to name a few.

Ed, Maureen and their son Eddie relocated to Bradenton, Florida in 2002 to be close to their other son Joe.

Currently Ed is performing in the duo act Perfect Chord with Phil Orapallo.